Thursday, 6 May 2010

So close...

One morning, Bearskin stretched and woke
while laid upon a stump of oak.
But what was this? There must be more,
he realised he'd been here before.
"Seven years!" He cried in glee
"Seven years of misery!
But I've done it, and now I know,
this is where it started, years ago.
Come out, demon! I'm done with sleeping,
there's a bargain that you must be keeping!"

A grumble came between the trees,
and out came Mephisophiles.
"Alright, you win." He mumbled, pouting
"But that's no reason to be shouting.
You have lived for seven years
with furry face and fuzzy ears,
and so a rich man you shall be,
take your gold, begone, leave me."

"Not so fast!" Bearskin declared,
"There's a duty which you can't be spared.
Seven years I've filthy been,
now come over here and make me clean!"
The demon stomped his feet and cursed.
"Clean you man? Now that's the worst!"
But Bearskin said: "Don't be absurd,
be a man who keeps your word.
Fetch some water if you please,
and clean me, Mephistophiles."

And that is how it passed, a man
washed up by a demon's hand.
And Bearskin's filth was so unique,
to clean it off, it took a week!
His hair was clipped, and too his beard,
and soon his odour disappeared.
And when his bearskin coat had been torn
off, he felt he'd been reborn!
An ugly man he was no more
but sweet, and wiser than before.

And at last, done with his chores,
the demon washed his filthy claws.
He dusted down the bearskin coat,
picked it up, and then he spoke.
"Reach in this pocket just once more,
and all the gold you can carry is yours."

His pockets filled, Bearskin left,
to find the girl he'd left bereft.
The demon didn't get his toll,
and Bearskin kept his kindly soul.

Definitely the final furlong now.

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