Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's some kind of montaaage

Bearskin's sadness disappeared,
a smile broke out behind the beard!
His heard did lift from off the floor
Oh this lass he did adore!
But three more years of filth remained,
and he couldn't let this girl be stained.
He snapped a golden wedlock band
and slipped one half into her hand.
"Keep this safe, and pray for me.
In three years I'll make a bride of thee."
And when he left, the young girl sighed.
She looked sad, but felt quite warm inside.

But from that day she dressed in black.
Her sisters laughed and cried "alack!
Little sister, that's no good!
Your honeymoon will be in the wood!
And mind that you don't give him cause,
to scratch you with his pointy claws!"
The young girl hid her face and sobbed,
It felt as though her heart were robbed.
Her sisters grinned "Oh shush, it's funny,
he'll eat you up, 'cause you're his honey!

Bearskin wandered, doing good,
if he found a place he could.
But every day he stopped and sighed,
"How long before I see my bride?"

Three years is one long time to last,
But time you see, will always pass.
And through it all, he soldiered on.
The days passed by...




I'm thinking I might end up presenting these digitally as I don't really have time to draw up all the text as I originally planned, and then get it printed. Maybe one day.

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