Friday, 30 April 2010

Genuine Houserocking music

And because he was an ugly beast,
no inn would let him in to feast.
"But I'm hungry!" Johann cried,
"and cold, just let me sit inside."
"I'm sorry sir." The owner said,
"your appearence fills my men with dread.
Just please be off, and don't delay,
you're scaring customers away!"

Johann had to bribe with wealth,
and enter inns by means of stealth.
Often round the back he'd look,
and meet in secret with the cook.
Tidy men paid normal price,
but Johann had to give them thrice.

Three years passed, but felt much longer,
Johann found his smell grew stronger.
He dearly wished to have a bath,
but didn't want the demon's wrath.
Inns would let him stay no more,
so Johann went to try the poor.
"Just one night!" he always cried,
"can I not just come inside?"
"I'm sorry sir, but not tonight,
you'll give my children quite a fright!"

Another year, the fourth began,
and Johann looked more bear than man.
And I'm afraid, and it's a shame,
that Johann soon forgot his name.
"There goes Bearskin!" people jeered.
"Take a bath, you bum." They sneered.
But only if they understood,
that Bearskin was a man of good!
In secret, he helped the poor and sick,
and made old ladies walking sticks.
A girl got lost delivering goods
but Bearskin saved her from the woods.
But not a single word of praise,
did Bearskin hear through all these days.
His one companion was a gull
that searched for food around his skull.
And though Bearskin did enjoy the touch,
the gull didn't like him very much.

One day whilst searching through a bin,
for scraps of food, he found some gin.
"Ah!" he said. "Well now I oughta
really find some tonic water."
But searching more, what did he spy?
A man who was about to cry.

Bearskin waved and tried to greet,
but the man turned white just like a sheet!
"A monster! Oh please leave me be!
I'm far too thin to eat, you see!"
"Don't worry," Bearskin then began,
"I'm not a monster, I'm a man!
And to see another, I'm most glad
but tell me, why do you look so sad?"

"Ah." The man began as well,
""Because I deserve to go to Hell.
I'm a man without a job or plan,
an unsuccessful businessman.
Instead of caring for my daughters,
I drank much gin and tonic water,
And now I fear I'm too ashamed
to go back home, where I'll be blamed."

Bearskin frowned. "A man like thee
can't leave responsibility.
But I know you want to mend your ways,
I found the gin you threw away.
Swear to me you'll give up drink,
remember all your daughters, think!
Begin your life again today
and I shall help you on your way"

Getting there. Title's unrelated by the way, I just can't seem to stop listening to the blues. Doggone it!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Still a hungry hungry bear

A sequence of double page spreads, in sequence. Feels like we're starting to roll here, gathering FILTH all the while

Filthly bear

Have finally started to think about text, woop woop

Hungry hungry bear

And so he did, the task seemed easy.
He feasted till he felt quite queasy.
At every bar in town he ate,
some even saw him lick the plate!
"Well!" said one, "look over there,
he seems to eat just like a bear!"
In fairness, he tipped every place,
but never made to wipe his face.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Tissue bears

First and foremost!" Johann said.
"Breakfast! Maybe jam and bread.
And if there's room, I'll eat some honey;
but wait! I still have no money."

Johann kicked the ground and sighed,
and let his hands into his pockets slide.
But what was this? Lo and behold!
He found his pockets full of gold!

"The demon's magic!" He declared.
"Well let no expense be spared!
On the finest banquets I shall dine,
with this magic, bearskin coat of mine!"

Friday, 23 April 2010

Same old morning

Next morning at the break of dawn
Johann emerged from trees and thorns
and set off down the muddy track,
with bearskin coat upon his back.

Hm. I feel this one's lacking somehow. Probably rework it at some stage

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Said Johann, "Beast, my heart is mine,
and so's my soul, though you design
to steal it. Let me know your task.
I shalln't fail no matter what you ask."

The demon's smile became a grin.
"Don't be so sure that you shall win.
If I haven't disinclined you,
let's begin. Look behind you."

Suddenly, a massive roar
made trembles on the forest floor.
Johann turned, and in disbelief
came face to face with slobbering teeth.
But Johann's gun was raised and fired,
and with a bang, the beast expired.
"Hah!" he cried "was this your test?
Simply lay this beast to rest?"

The demon chuckled "put down your gun,
this test has only just begun.
The beast lies dead, now if you'll care
to look, you'll see that it's a bear.
Now to business: live for seven years
with furry face and fuzzy ears.
Skin that bear, its fur shall be
a seven year long coat for thee.
You may not wash, or cut your hair,
or trim your nails, or say a prayer.
Accept this task I give to thee,
and Bearskin shall thy name now be."

Maybe one of these days one of the images won't be backlit.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Slowly but surely

The demon stepped close to the man,
wrapped icy fingers round his hand.
"A wealthy man I'll make of thee,
if you will do one thing for me."

Johann frowned. "Truth be told,
I should like my pockets full of gold.
But I know that this won't come for free,
what is in this deal for thee?"

"Ah, you speak with expertise,"
chuckled Mephistophiles.
"I'll make you rich, and leave you be,
if you can do one thing for me.
But if you fail, you'll pay the toll,
the price is your immortal soul."

Mephistophiles tempts Johaan. I'm pretty happy with this, but the previous image I put up will probably need a wee bit of tweaking to be more in keeping with the style here. As I write this I'm feeling rather tempted to see if a second speechbubble will work, alluding to the warning about Johann's soul. We shall see.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Green Mutha

And then: BANG! A flash of light!
Johann grabbed his gun and held it tight.
The light did fade, and he saw now,
a small man stood beneath a bough.
He had cunning eyes, that gazed and peered,
and a smile that made you feel weird.
But what filled Johann up with dread
were his fangs, and horns upon his head.

"Fangs and horns upon your head?
Devil! I shall strike you dead!"
But the demon laughed "Sir! if you please,
my name is Mephistophiles!"

I'm seeing this at the moment as pretty much a finished page, think I'm going to try and get as many images/pages done first, and think about how to do the accompanying text afterwards. I suppose at this point the little typographer inside me is squealing "NO JON", but shush. Also, I just love drawing this guy.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Damn it's been a while since I've posted anything, mostly because the work I've been doing consists of drawing rough drafts of pages that arent especially worth looking at.

But at last, here's something, an image that I'm pretty happy with for the first page of the book, with the accompanying lines of text mocked up next to it. The page of writing I ain't too pleased with, need to experiment a bit more. But I've got a feeling it might end up all handwritten, all 500 lines of it unngghhh I'm a fool