Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Slowly but surely

The demon stepped close to the man,
wrapped icy fingers round his hand.
"A wealthy man I'll make of thee,
if you will do one thing for me."

Johann frowned. "Truth be told,
I should like my pockets full of gold.
But I know that this won't come for free,
what is in this deal for thee?"

"Ah, you speak with expertise,"
chuckled Mephistophiles.
"I'll make you rich, and leave you be,
if you can do one thing for me.
But if you fail, you'll pay the toll,
the price is your immortal soul."

Mephistophiles tempts Johaan. I'm pretty happy with this, but the previous image I put up will probably need a wee bit of tweaking to be more in keeping with the style here. As I write this I'm feeling rather tempted to see if a second speechbubble will work, alluding to the warning about Johann's soul. We shall see.

1 comment:

  1. Personally I think the one speech bubble is nice and striking - two might detract maybe... If you're after critique I think the gold highlights on the characters are a little "visible"(i.e. you can clearly see the digital strokes)- I'd maybe blend them in a bit more, but that's just me. Otherwise awesome!