Thursday, 22 April 2010


Said Johann, "Beast, my heart is mine,
and so's my soul, though you design
to steal it. Let me know your task.
I shalln't fail no matter what you ask."

The demon's smile became a grin.
"Don't be so sure that you shall win.
If I haven't disinclined you,
let's begin. Look behind you."

Suddenly, a massive roar
made trembles on the forest floor.
Johann turned, and in disbelief
came face to face with slobbering teeth.
But Johann's gun was raised and fired,
and with a bang, the beast expired.
"Hah!" he cried "was this your test?
Simply lay this beast to rest?"

The demon chuckled "put down your gun,
this test has only just begun.
The beast lies dead, now if you'll care
to look, you'll see that it's a bear.
Now to business: live for seven years
with furry face and fuzzy ears.
Skin that bear, its fur shall be
a seven year long coat for thee.
You may not wash, or cut your hair,
or trim your nails, or say a prayer.
Accept this task I give to thee,
and Bearskin shall thy name now be."

Maybe one of these days one of the images won't be backlit.

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  1. Jon this is so aweseome!!!
    I can't wait till it's completely all done :D