Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Green Mutha

And then: BANG! A flash of light!
Johann grabbed his gun and held it tight.
The light did fade, and he saw now,
a small man stood beneath a bough.
He had cunning eyes, that gazed and peered,
and a smile that made you feel weird.
But what filled Johann up with dread
were his fangs, and horns upon his head.

"Fangs and horns upon your head?
Devil! I shall strike you dead!"
But the demon laughed "Sir! if you please,
my name is Mephistophiles!"

I'm seeing this at the moment as pretty much a finished page, think I'm going to try and get as many images/pages done first, and think about how to do the accompanying text afterwards. I suppose at this point the little typographer inside me is squealing "NO JON", but shush. Also, I just love drawing this guy.

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