Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bears need love too

With this, the man turned red in shame
and sobbed "Oh I'm the one to blame!
Sir I swear to mend my ways,
and tend to all my girls, always."
Bearskin smiled, and then produced
enough gold to give the man a boost.
"Oh thank you sir," The man did grin,
"I've had enough of drinking gin.
I shall work, this I've vowed,
work hard to make my daughters proud."
The man insisted Bearskin came
along with him, because he claimed
that Bearskin had been such an aid,
that his debt must be repaid.

"Father!" All three daughters cried,
when their father home did stride.
"Where on earth have you been?
Please don't say it's drinking gin!"
"Oh no my girls, I say at last,
all those troubles are in the past.
No longer shall I be a cad,
but work to be again your dad."
On hearing that he would avoid
the drink, the girls were overjoyed.
"Now then." Their father coughed and said.
"A rich man helped me mend my head.
And because he came and saved my life,
I've promised him one of a wife."

Rich? In wedlock to be matched?
The girls all smiled, what a catch!
but all their faces hit the floor
when Bearskin shuffled in the door.

The eldest yelped, and off she fled,
the second frowned, and cocked her head.
"Is this a joke?" she then began,
"it's a bear pretending to be a man!"
Bearskin's heart did deeply sink,
he knew he was ugly, and did stink.

But the youngest one, to his surprise,
walked up close and looked him in the eyes.
"If this man is owed a maid,
then his debt must be repaid.
I shall marry him, besides,
I see there's goodness in his eyes."

Not 100% happy with all of these, but I'd prefer to get the story done and then go back and correct anything that needs it. Feeling like it's nearing the home stretch now...

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  1. I love love love love that bear.
    This is all looking very good mister