Sunday, 10 October 2010

Perhaps, perhaps not

I've kind of derailed myself from my current project by thinking that I might want to do an animation, and that's thrown up a whole hornets' nest of ideas and problems and now I can't seem to pin any concept down anymore. So for the sake of posting something, here're a couple of animation tests I've been idly doing in PAP (they look a lot smoother there, but saving as a gif seems to make the frames quite disobedient).
Been reading some books about animation, specifically one called "The Illusion of Life" by a couple of the old school Disney animators, and it's pretty much animation's answer to the Bible. And a nice jaunt through history back when Disney was the tip top animation studio, it's a shame that they've lost the qualities that made them Disney in the first place, though at least Pixar have taken up the reins of those ideals.
So I might do an animation. What's the subject?


  1. I hate you. Mr. Talent. This shall be awesome.

  2. Super impressed man, really nice. You nailed that walk cycle to!