Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Filthy Animal

This next project will pretty much be my first foray into the vast world of textures, and what a terrifying world it is too. Currently experimenting with what the Bearskin character will look like after 7 years of not washing. I scanned in my own hair for his hair, and the beard and filth upon him are made of what I gathered from a carpet in my house that hasn't been hoovered since we moved in.
Starting to feel a worrying affinity with the character.


  1. Jon, this is amazing. That is all x

  2. Now I know what you'd look like if you were a homeless man who found a bear suit...

    This is awesome by the way, lush textures and some crazy compositing skills!

  3. it scares me that you haven't hoovered since you moved in.. however I guess it has come in handy.