Thursday, 11 March 2010


Self defined project, what fun. I want to work a bit more with colour and type, so it's looking likely that I'll end up illustrating a narrative. Again.
Doing The Owl and the Pussycat last year was super fun though, so it's all good, hopefully. Trouble is I can't seem to decide what story to illustrate. There's this nice one called Bearskin, which is a german fairytale in which a man makes a deal with the Devil, but one of the conditions is that he has to live for a couple of years in a bearskin. Cozy.


  1. He's cute, looks bewildered. How did you colour/texture this? Was it photoshop or by hand - looks like kitchen roll or something, really nice feel to it.

  2. Thank you sir. It's entirely photoshop, the texure's just sack cloth and short fur beneath, but I'll have to give kitchen roll a go, feels like it could be adorable.

  3. It IS ridiculously adorable already. I actually just died.